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Zone Telechargement :la nouvelle adresse du site en 2020

Zone Telechargement :la nouvelle adresse du site en 2020 

In the application of the Hadopi law, the law promoting the dissemination and protection of creation on the internet, the illegal download site zone telechargement was closed in 2016. Indeed, since its creation in 2012, the French-language site which made available free of charge of internet users with direct download links online, had unparalleled success by positioning itself as the first of the most visited download sites in France and at the eleventh place of the most requested sites throughout the territory.

Its closure in 2016 had caused the greatest dismay of users who had therefore tried to access the site, very quickly realizing that a number of sites which had attempted to take over from the zone telechargement were clone sites. These clone download sites had, in order to attract former users of the site, taken advantage of its closure and even its domain name, to deceive Internet users believing to connect to the download platform.

Since then, a large number of sites have been presented as alternatives to the zone telechargement but it is without knowing that the zone telechargement is beautiful is indeed active and accessible from a new address in 2020. Like any illegal download site , moreover, is thus doomed to regularly change its name and address according to the seasons.


Of course, it goes without saying that the objective of this article is in no way to encourage illegal downloading but to decipher the success of this site and to recount its incredible journey. But before that, let’s try to understand how this site offering protected content, managed to rise to the rank of the most visited site in France in the space of just a few years….

Zone Telechargement, what is it?

Zone telechargement is a website that offers links to free direct downloads of several types of content. Recently released films, exclusive or old, music, series, manga, games, cartoons, shows, sports, tutorials, training, ebooks or software, zone telechargement offers a variety of content for free and direct download.

Since its creation, the site which allows free but illegal downloading of content in principle protected by intellectual property, has been a real success. It owes its incredible success to its ease of use and above all to its extensive library which allows the most common of Internet users, fans of TV series, gamers or fans of the 7th art, to be able to access the content they are looking for. in just a few clicks.

Especially since the content available illegally in the zone telechargement was not, and still is not, accessible for free and directly from another place on the net.

zone-telechargement (1)

History and route of the Zone Telechargement

The history of the et zone telechargement begins when its domain was created in 2010, when it was officially registered under this name, in the Bahamas. The direct download site (DDL) will start to operate in the year of its creation. Between 2004 and 2009, the domain name zone telechargement was active but was rented to an English company specializing in the legal download of free software.

From 2012 to 2015, the zone telechargement experienced growing success until progressively reaching record traffic rates with an average of 3.7 million monthly connections and 11,000 daily visits in 2016.

In November 2016, zone telechargement became a victim of its success. Following the reporting of the zone telechargement by Alpa and Sacem, the national gendarmerie intervened by arresting a team of 3 people and seizing 2 servers belonging to the team that managed the illegal download site. . The site is suspended.

Since November 28, 2016, a zone telechargement that had tried to reopen under a different domain name in the weeks following its closure had been reported again. The site has been inaccessible since.

How does zone telechargement area work?

Like most direct download sites, zone telechargement, provides Internet users with a list of content to download for free and directly through links. These links give access to the download of “warez”, that is to say digital content protected by copyright laws but disseminated or offered for free download in an illegal manner. These contents are thus accessible to the general public on the internet to the detriment of the protection of intellectual property rights and copyrights.

When the user goes to the zone telechargement, he can access the content he is looking to download by launching a search by category and by referring to the side list on the left of his screen. he can also enter the title of the content, the name of the author, singer or actor sought in the search bar at the top of the home page.

Users who do not wish to download content but simply watch it online can access the content of their choice through streaming. This distribution mode allows the user to view the content of his choice directly online without having to go through direct download. However, this type of distribution of protected works is not legal and remains illegal in the same way as content downloaded illegally.

Once the digital content is found on the site, download area will give you access to links. By pressing on these links you will be directly redirected to hosts. It is the user or subscriber who will choose the link that best suits them in order to be able to access the free and direct download of the content they are looking for.

These direct download links are protected by dl-Protect, a link protector, a service in the form of an ancillary site which acts as an intermediary allowing access to the real download link.

The user has the choice between several formats and image qualities to download directly and free of charge the digital content to which he wishes to access. Unlike peer-to-peer download, which is the prerogative of torrent sites like BitTorrent, the direct download process used by download area works in a specific mode of communication through a network of multiple programs.

This is the “client-server ” process that allows the user to navigate safely. Some users go to strengthen their security, to be able to surf anonymously using a VPN, a virtual private network.

Why use a VPN to download content

The very nature of P2P file sharing means that other users of download sites can see your IP address with which you share the files. If it is a real IP address, your metadata and your location are visible to all those who wish to monitor everything you download and in particular the authorities in charge of sanctioning illegal downloads on the internet.

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a secure tunnel between your device and the Internet. The purpose of a VPN is to protect private web traffic from spying, interference, and censorship. The VPN can also act as a proxy server, allowing you to anonymously surf the Web at any time and thus bypass the control of the authorities, in particular within the framework of the sanctions provided for by Hadopi law.

Using a VPN can also help you bypass blocking content. VPNs allow you to easily change geographic locations. Services such as content for download or direct streaming links and languages ​​available in certain geographic regions allow users in one country to view content only available in another country, and vice versa.

Others use VPNs to access services exclusively reserved for local users. If you are traveling abroad, you may not be able to watch the TV series you like in French, but only in the language of the country where you are. This is one of the other reasons why many decide to use VPNs: they allow you to connect to services in your home state, even if the content is blocked in the one you are in.

Which VPN to choose for direct download in 2020?

To be sure you make the right choice when it comes to VPN, first check which devices are compatible. Although most VPNs support the major platforms of Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and iOS, some VPNs are not available on all platforms.

If for example, you have a Windows computer but use an iPhone, you want to make sure that your VPN has a platform and an app for both. It is also a good idea to know how many devices can be connected at the same time. Some VPNs allow an unlimited number of devices, while others allow you to connect up to three.

You also have to find a VPN with a user-friendly interface. The configuration and user interface on many VPNs can be quite complex. Therefore, if you are not tech-savvy and don’t want to worry about setting up a VPN, it’s important to find one that offers simple procedures and a user-friendly platform. Some VPNs offer virtual configuration, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

The best VPN service is ExpressVPN. It is a great choice when it comes to speed, privacy and unblocking websites. NordVPN is also a great option that combines speed, security and affordability. Finally, IPVanish remains another possible option which stands out in terms of reliability.

Zone Telechargement Nouvelle Adresse   

Since Zone DOWNLOAD closed in 2016, many unscrupulous clone sites surfing on the success of the latter have emerged by trying to deceive users by hooking them and redirecting them to non-operational links just to gain traffic.

By way of example, we can cite the site’s zone telechargement v2, or even zone telechargement v2 exclus, and other clone sites whose extensions have taken the form of .lol, .world, .to, or .site with figures scattered throughout the various counterfeit URLs. the best known of which is the zone telechargement ws, which has been closed.

During this time, the zone telechargement site had tried to reopen using various sub-domains and had chosen to operate again from the address and through different redirects.

By doing some simple research on the internet you quickly realize that Download Zone is still active at the moment but under a new address. Indeed, we quickly realize that some sites relay this information which would be current in 2020.

The multiplication of clone sites coupled with the control of the authorities which continues to intensify finally made that zone of download apparently decided to follow a new strategy by opting for a change of domain name and by abandoning the word “zone” content in his url.

The new zone telechargement nouvelle adresse is available at So with this name change and the establishment of a new zone telechargement site, there is no chance that users will be confused again.



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