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The Advantages Of Having A Customized Website For Your Business

The Advantages Of Having A Customized Website For Your Business 

Have you heard of the real life Tony Starks? The man who thrived on the dot-com boom, Elon Musk. He made his first million at Silicon Valley, founded PayPal, Zip2, and risked all his money for building a rocket company, (SpaceX). Soon, Elon Musk became the CEO of Tesla Motors and constructed the first practical, fastest, and mass-produced electric cars in the world. On the other hand, Jeff Bezos the man behind, and now the wealthiest person in the world.

This is the power of the internet bubble. Businesspersons who knew how to make the most out of requirements and needs of people around them have significantly achieved. Similarly, if you are a business owner, then having an online presence is necessary! If you do not have a website, then you are like a celebrity without any online presence. However, are there any celebrities without any online presence? You do not know, and that is the point!

A website for your business should be at the top of your priority list. Now the question here is how you can build your website, and you can go to Website builder platforms like Wix, SITE123 or 1&1. You can go for open sources content management systems like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. Alternatively, you can go for website development or best mobile application developer Canada, a website professionally built from scratch and tailored for your business.

Each of the mentioned options come with their own set of advantages. However, custom web development has the following benefits.

  1. Individuality and Exclusiveness:

When using a Content management system or a website builder, you acquire a premade theme, unless you pay to have one custom designed. It may cost a bit but allows you to place your essentials on pages in a customizable theme, and that creates an impression of inimitability. However, if you stay restricted to a particular subject then you will have your limitations, and no matter how unique your idea would be, it will not appear any different from hundreds probably thousands of other websites using the same theme as yours.

A customizable website allows you to lay the necessary foundation based on your preferences. There are no restrictions or limitations in design, which means that your website will be unique and different from that of your competitors. The chances that you might come across a site that has the same architectural structure as yours is less likely.

  1. Promptness:

The time your website takes to load is crucial for your business. It can make a huge difference you might lose a customer if your website takes too long to load. Almost fifty percent of the websites lose their customers due to jitters and delays while pages load. A customer will not stay on your website for more than three seconds, and if in those three seconds your website does not load then your website will be abandoned.

Many website builders and CMSs provide many built-in functions. This is to accommodate for as many different customers as possible when your website getting heavy traffic the load time inevitably increases these tools allow you to target a significant customer base.

  1. Data Security:

The security breach and the internet and website security have been a hot topic for the last couple of years. People are concerned about their online data vulnerability. Google has set chrome automatically to warn users if the page a person is entering their information on has Secure Sockets Layer installed or not. There are other layers of security like HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) and TLS (Transport Layer Security). HTTPS is seen in the URL when an SSL certificate secures a website. TLS is an efficient, extra secure, type of SSL.

Using an open source whether it be a website builder or a CMSs, increases the possibility of your website being vulnerable to data and security breach. If you would go and check vulnerabilities, found in other websites, which have used these platforms you will know how your website might fall a victim to data breach just like that. However, going for a company that builds web software eliminates a large amount of these jeopardies. Like using open source programming languages be it PHP, Python or Ruby. Their code will be hidden from the public. This decreases the risk of a breach.

  1. The Flexibility of your Website:

If your business starts growing you will get more traffic on your website, the more amount of traffic you get the more amount of data and content you put out. Having a website that can grow along with your growing business is excellent. As it will make adding new functionalities more accessible, upgrading already existing functions will not be a challenge and accepting large waves of traffic will be catered smoothly.

Website builders do not provide you with that form of scalability option; it limits your business life online. When a certain growth level is reached, then you will not have any other choice but to switch from website builder to CMSs or a custom-developed website.

Open source CMSs and WordPress provide more flexibility and growth. However, a customized website built from scratch can be designed while keeping the option for scalability in mind. So that proves to be a better option in the long run.

  1. Functional Optimization

The ability to optimize your website for your business what makes it alluring. It is not just about marketing and branding. It is also about proving your customers a personalized experience. That reduces the chances of an existing customer drop off. As there will be no buffers added in, your customer’s journey and they will get what they want. You can also initiate personalized, targeted sales in this manner.


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