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Reasons why businesses prefer page creation by professional agencies

Reasons why businesses prefer page creation by professional agencies 

The world has come a long way from the time when people used to travel and gather information about different cultures and things. Now we have an online platform known as Wikipedia to thank for providing us information about anything and everything that we can think of.

Single handedly Wikipedia is mostly taking care of the marketing and awareness creation needs of people and business organizations respectively. Now, Wikipedia is an ever growing platform and is expected to grow in its collection of information even more in the coming years as well. The reason for this is simply the fact that everyone who has access to the internet can perform Wikipedia page editing. Due to this fact the information available on Wikipedia pages is always updated on a regular basis.

There are various factors due to which business organizations prefer to have their Wikipedia pages created and edited by professional Wikipedia page creation agencies. Some of these reasons are very essential to the marketing strategies that these business organizations want to use to create awareness and engage their target audience. The presence of a business organization on a Wikipedia page helps the business organization to attract traffic on to their business’s websites creating more opportunities for them to earn more profits and sales. Other than increased revenues and profits these businesses also have been observed to have increased credibility and a better reputation after having presence on the platform. Many businesses have had the opportunities of attracting more investors as well due to the increase in their credibility after being visible on Wikipedia.

Now, business organizations can have their Wikipedia pages created in three ways. The first one is to hire a resource on their payroll and have them create a Wikipedia page for your business. The second and the third options are to outsource it. In the second option a business organization can out their Wikipedia page creation to a freelancer and in the third option these business organizations can hire professional Wikipedia page creation agencies. Most business organizations prefer to outsource their Wikipedia page creation needs to professional agencies and there are various factors for this decision. Some of these reasons are mentioned below.

Page approval: Most freelancers that we find on the freelancing websites might not be as expert as a professional Wikipedia page creation agency is when talking about getting your Wikipedia page approved. The reason being that most professional agencies have a team of Wikipedia writers who are experienced in the said field. These teams of experienced writers are usually very well-versed in writing according to the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia which gives the approval of the page a higher chance. The page approval also depends on the tone of the article and a professional team of writers is well aware of the neutral tone that needs to be used when writing for a Wikipedia page.

All the pages on Wikipedia are reviewed before they can officially be a part of the platform. And the criteria of getting approved or disapproved depends on not only the keeping of neutral tone and adhering to the policies and guidelines of the platform. There are other things at play here as well such as a Wikipedia page will only be approved if its contribution is something that doesn’t already exist on Wikipedia already. In fact one can only create a page on Wikipedia about topics which haven’t been written about before. If it already exists on Wikipedia than there is no place for a new page on the same topic. Other than this there is also the notability factor that is at play here. Believe it or not notability is probably one of the major reasons why pages get disapproved on Wikipedia.

Page monitoring: Other than page creation services which every freelancer provides the professional agencies, due to an abundance in their man power, also provide page monitoring services. Page monitoring as the name suggests is a service that most professional agencies provide which entails the fact that the agency keeps a track of your page after the creation and makes sure to update and change the facts and figures provided on the page according to the changes in the real world. Many times this happens that the information available on Wikipedia might get outdated if the facts and figures given on the page haven’t been updated. Now, when the page is being monitored than the chances of the information and the facts and figures getting outdated are very slim as they being regularly updated by the professional editors in the agency. This page monitoring can also be called page management as they professional agency is basically managing the information being provided on the Wikipedia page by updating it regularly.

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