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Non-Obvious Do’s And Don’ts Of Blogging That You Must Know

Non-Obvious Do’s And Don’ts Of Blogging That You Must Know 

Blogging can be fun if you know your real direction where your interest and passion resides. Most writers get on ways that can make them learn a lot of money but in return creates boredom and misery. So, you must not run after gathering huge bucks. Follow your passion and success will run after you.

In content writing, many different categories are there through which a person can bring out his writing expertise. For instance, if you create a Wikipedia page for yourself you get a chance to pitch such an enormous platform. It can boost your overall online recognition. Well, coming back to the topic, blogging is truly an art. You need to know your target audience to compose a creative and interesting blog. If you want to increase online credibility, your blog must be based on a few obvious dos and don’ts as listed below. So, follow the below-mentioned list and learn about important blogging aspects.

The Do’s

Helpful and Actionable Content

The most important aspect of content is its usefulness. For instance, if you plan to create a Wikipedia page for yourself , you need to look closely as to what aspect can be of interest for the readers. Keep analyzing why would anybody finds your content worth reading. You must add unique information and opt for sources that provide actionable data and tips for the readers.

Post Frequently

You need to be consistent in your efforts if you want online readers to recognize you. If you have started a blog, do post articles every other day. If your blogs contain extensive research than you must not rush and every week come up with an utterly interesting masterpiece. If you succeeded in gathering traffic and capturing attention for longer your blog will continue to have a high population of potential traffic.

Leave a Strong Impression

You must be wondering what is meant by a strong impression? Well, your writing style, formatting and structure of your blog all contribute in creating an unforgettable impression of your blog. You have to use words, sentences and create sentences in a way that a reader engages in your content delivery. A simple concept can be described in many different ways. The tone and voice are the two factors that show the worth and experience of a writer. You need to take care of that when crafting content.



Plagiarize content is most resented by experts. Not only this, when you publish a plagiarized content, Google crawlers detect it and ultimately remove your link calling out your website to be a scam or of poor credibility. Google aims to provide fresh and unique content to its users and you are responsible to follow the policies and instructions if you want to enjoy the limelight.

Steal Photos

One mistake that many bloggers attempt is to steal images for their post. If you dig a little more you will a number of sites to get free images. If you think that getting images from Google is a good idea then you are sorely mistaken. Google has images that it extracts from different sites. All of these sites have copyright policies, which you unintentionally break. So, it’s perfect to look for free images for your blogs.

Flawed Content

As much as non-plagiarized content is important, checking and proofing your write-ups are necessary as well. You have to be sure that your content is free of any error or writing issue. It happens that writers make some serious typing errors. But such measure badly impacts your blog’s credibility. So, be extra careful and use highly advanced tools to find out the loopholes.

Wrapping Up

If you follow the guide you will be able to create highly engaging content for your target audience. Avoid the techniques that can ruin the readability of your content and opt for the one that can enhance the outcomes and effectiveness of your masterpiece. Moreover, one last advice would be to make reading books about your habits. You will get a better idea about how to craft engaging content for your brands and customers.

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