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Top Trending illustration styles 2020

Top Trending illustration styles 2020 

Illustration has evolved during its journey from simply being a symbolic sketch on paper. Due to recent advancements, tools that were being previously used for illustration have changed and that has provided artists quicker ways to test their illustration styles. This indicates that the future of illustration is holding significance.

That gets us to the point where trends have revamped, bringing new and old illustration styles back in business. Here are 8 illustration styles that have been screened to rule in the year 2020.

8 Illustration styles that will be carried into the year 2020

1. Flat colours and confined palette

An illustration follows no guidelines, it is free from boundaries and that is what makes it art. There are instances where less is more, which directs us to briefs that are often used to outline illustrations. The thought behind flat colours and confined palettes is very much similar; it adds intensity to the illustration, making it seem urbane and deep.

Illustrators often use this style with subtle shadows and gradients, turning it into a cocktail that is well known amongst other illustration styles 2020.

2. Ambient gradients

 Lately, there has been an increase in the use of delicate and yet seductive gradients that utilize softer colour schemes within illustrations. It is popular amongst illustrations that stimulate different emotional states ranging from melancholy to nostalgia amongst viewers. However, it requires the illustrator to own adept skills in a manner to maintain control over their palette, especially since this style requires certain colours to ignite internal states.

3. Transparent lines between illustration and animation

Due to the assistance of social media, illustration has developed a new style that is interactive and responsive. Its demand is most likely to increase as we enter the 2020s, mainly due to the reason that viewers have shortened attention spans and a level of interactivity is required to grasp their attention. Development of GIFs has greyed the line between moving images and illustrations, influencing perkier and bolder patterns.

This changes the way we perceive illustration styles and how they can be used. Progression in creative technologies has enabled newer ways to engage with illustrations whilst being present in real-world environments. Digital illustrations have a significant role in AR and that has brought us into an innovative era of communication.

4. 3D Surrealism

Everyone who is active on social media or uses online platforms has come across interesting 3D works that have been created by the help of advanced software’s; that have been designed to form mind-bending imagery that is surreal. Upon being combined with motion videos and sounds, the visuals that are generated are befitting for social media. You can basically transform a seamless piece of wood into a piece of cloth and that is the asset of 3D surrealism.

Advanced technical systems along with VR and AR allow boundless opportunities to artists to experiment with their illustrations and bring mere imaginative concepts to life and motion. That being said, it is still crucial to keep yourself from drifting away with technology, just as we faced with traditional illustration techniques that were discarded later onwards.

5. Abstract and imaginative

Visual imagery has had an upper hand when it comes to communicating ideas than textual methods, especially since imagery requires no language to be explained and that makes it highly accessible to larger audiences. It has become widely common amongst brands as its uniqueness offers eye-catching visuals.

6. Hand drawn pieces

The market is majorly dominated by digital designs; however, this illustration style can never die. It brings back memories that have a lot of experiences associated with it. We are soaked with minimalistic designs; therefore, hand-drawn images create engaging compositions that are playful in nature.

Whether the artist opts for watercolours or any other medium, the rawness that comes along with it is going to maintain the essence of illustration.

7. Upbeat and gallant

Social media is governed by upbeat and gallant illustrations. It grasps the viewers’ attention and inspires them to stop scrolling through their feeds. This approach is highly effective due to its transparency and simplicity through which concepts can be delivered. Although, it’s essential to keep in mind to not jam space with blowing colours instead of simple imagery can be used when paired with bold colours.

Whilst the illustrator picks a colour scheme, they are required to keep the end product which is the digital print into consideration as to how they might turn out. No one would want to decrease the impact of illustrations style simply due to wrong choices of colour and design.

8. Retro and chic

Although the style was once used during the 1940s and 50s, it is considered to revive back in the 2020s. It is the comforting and nostalgic approach that provides it with a timeless appeal that has been unaffected by advancement in this century. The craftiness of this style is brought out by the aesthetics which are conveyed through the use of soft colours with detailed lining.

What makes it more appealing is the fact that this style resonates with contemporary audiences, increasing the viewership of this illustration. Time truly does repeat itself, whether it’s through ideologies or trends. Similar is the case with this illustration style that has managed to cover a long way through timeline.

These styles are thought to make an impact on the illustration industry. Whether it’s for branding purposes or to simply exhibit themselves as art. However, not all styles are fit for all uses; each category is to be utilized differently in its own individualistic way. But no doubt, illustration has become an essential part of our lives and that has enabled its growth. It has come a long way, from being cave paintings to becoming advertisements and marketing strategies; illustration inhibits within us.

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