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Who Is Dorian Rossini?

Dorian Rossini c8 – He was the part of the cast of Angels, it was the reality show. He was born in 1990 and his childhood was mostly spent in Cannes, Italian origin wanted to go to Paris to satisfy his ambition: To be a star and be adored by delirious fans. A common point that he shares with Mickaël Vendetta, a former friend of Dorian, but more since a certain shocking sentence (we reveal you at the end of the paragraph!).

He also launched a blog that reached 3 million views in 2010 and it’s still active on social media. One can apparently hear his tubes, (composed by himself, without much surprise).

This young man has an immoderate love for his own person and finds himself perfect. He has a love affair with Elodie, a candidate on the show “Who wants to marry my son? It was after making this statement in a program that the Dorian Rossina phenomenon was born … and that it ended his friendship with Mickaël Vendetta. After putting on Youtube a clip where he confirmed to be God and be perfect, the young man found himself on the street and made the sleeve to buy shampoo (well, he could multiply the ends of bread, then wash the hair was more urgent) Another way to make the buzz and talk about it. We always find him on his Youtube channel where he makes his videos.


Yes, it’s part of the magic (or big anything) of the Net. A single sentence can promise you fame and make you famous. During an interview with Jeremstar, who hosts the Conciergerie on Youtube, Dorian talked about taking a selfie with Dorian Rossini; the exact sentence being “make selfies layout with Dorian Rossini”. By watching the interview and seeing the character of the character, many people saw a trend and started typing in the search engines “how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini”. This sentence became viral in a few weeks. Google posts 1,000,000 searches in France, however conjointly in Belgium and also the remainder of the planet. What is traditional, God being all over, his reincarnation should be too, right

How to Meet Dorian Rossini

Rccording to information from her own site, Dorian Rossini was the most search personality in year 2017 according to the Google and the query was “ How to meet Dorian Rossini ”.

Comment Faire Des Selfies Avec Dorian Rossini


If you want to impress your friends and you friends thinking of Comment Faire Des Selfies Avec Dorian Rossini, nothing could be easier! Find the foremost stunning photograph of you and use a photograph editor, Photoshop vogue to point out the reincarnation of God at your face. If you could have a glass of champagne in hand and have a nice dress or a suit, it would be better. Even if it means taking a selfie with Dorian Rossini, you might as well be to your advantage, right?

Well, many people don’t that how to use Photoshop? No problem, take a selfie of yourself smiling and reach out as if you were wrapped around someone’s shoulders, depending on what you like about Dorian Rossini, pretend to be her best friend or her new lover. If they are surprised that they do not see anyone near you, raise a stunning eyebrow and say, “But it’s Dorian Rossini!” Well, we advise you to do this with people who have humor or who you don’t really care about. It would be a shame to spoil a friendly relationship for somebody WHO has the maximum amount of attractiveness as a toothbrush.

How To Dorian Rossini is a Perfection

Ask for how to take selfies with dorian rossini Dorian Rossini via social media to take a selfie in the middle of a crowd of people and send it to you. If necessary, send an envelope with your name and don’t forget the stamp. When you show it, you will say, “But, yes, there, next, it’s me!” We misunderstanding, it can work, for people little physiognomics.


Second Option: As you are in luck, we give you another combination. Put his hair in the air, put him aviator-style glasses, take the upper air and pose next to him. By the way, take someone on the street, you never know, an ill-intentioned friend could make you sing for this mystical selfie.

Third option: Try to meet him in person. For this, nothing simpler, you may go on train or plane and trace towards the south of France, Cannes Direction. Do not hesitate to ask people where it is, everyone knows it. After meeting _him_, do not hesitate to ask _him_ if it is feasible to ” How to Meet Dorian Rossini .” He will Necessarily agree, for three Reasons. The first Is That it will continue to fuel icts popularity, qui can not be denied. The second is that he was searching for garbage cans a few months ago. By offering 50 cents, you will be sure to have your photo. It doesn’t deserve more, be careful.Finally, third and last reason (and not the least), as a reincarnation of God, he must give a chance to all his sheep, of which you are certainly a part. So, here, we cannot say that we did not give you all the chances to have a selfie with Dorian Rossini!


Read more: How to meet Dorian Rossini

Last Option: You can contact Dorian Rossini on his twitter or Facebook , this might help you.

Comment Avoir Dorian Rossini Dans Danse Avec Les Stars

comment avoir dorian rossini dans danse avec les stars

The NRJ 12 Mag team received a UFO this evening, who takes himself for the reincarnation of God and always brings everything back to him: Dorian Rossini. Revealed to the general public in “So True”, he appeared today on the show “DJ mode emploi” on MCM with Bob Sinclar.

Matthieu Delormeau suspected that Tonight’s  Mag  would be difficult to manage, it was.

The NRJ 12  Mag  team received a completely unusual character this evening:  Dorian Rossini . Whoever proclaims himself “reincarnation of God” has literally stolen the show from the other guest, the very charming Maud Verdeyen. At the casting of Star Academy 5, the pretty blonde appears in Hollywood Girls season 4.

Always cutting others, wanting to impose his word, Dorian Rossini was there to talk about the new show in which he plays the apprentice DJ, DJ manual, broadcast since January 9 on MCM. Bob Sinclar’s mission is to coach candidates including Dorian.

That which was revealed to the general public in  Tellement Vrai  , offered some revelations to Matthieu Delormeau including this one. comment avoir dorian rossini dans danse avec les stars” said Dorian Rossini live. If Bob Sinclar didn’t want this to be known, it’s too late. Especially since the D and his apprentice did not always get along well in DJ manual. ”  At first the contact was not very good,  ” said Dorian. It must be said that the latter offered him from the start a featuring, to dethrone David Guetta.

The UFO Dorian has also revealed that it is no longer a heart to take (yes yes it is possible!). He has been in a relationship for three months with a certain Justine with whom he intends to move in soon. And if “the reincarnation of God” had a bandage on his right hand, it is because he was injured while cooking it. Life is good for two!

And if there is one who hasn’t hooked up with Dorian at all tonight, it’s Aurélie Van Daelen. The well-tempered columnist did not fail to let him know. ”  I find it impressive to bring everything back to his person  ” she launched him!

And because Dorian Rossini was there to balance everything, he also indicated that he had passed the cast of the Angels twice without ever having been caught … What a pity!


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