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Guide For Creating A Professional Explainer Video

Guide For Creating A Professional Explainer Video 

In the late 2000s, these videos were introduced as a game-changer in the business marketing strategies. By using interactive but straightforward graphics and comprehensible language, this new trend was adopted by many prominent business organizations, companies, and brands. With the advent of social media platforms, these animated explainer videos soon started to gain admiration and popularity. A few years later, now we are in that era of the business world in which you can’t possibly think about promoting your business product and services without making an interactive and compelling explainer video. These explainer videos do not only boost your business products, but they also help in creating and highlighting your business presence in the digital business world.

A key point to keep in mind:

Once you have made the decision of creating an explainer video to promote your business, it’s time to decide which type of explainer video would be the perfect fit for your business product like every other video, for explainer video you need a good and well-composed script for your business video. A well-composed script is a key ingredient in the making of a high-quality explainer video. Without a good storyline, no video is worth making or watching. Try to write a script which highlights your business perspectives, prospects and the significance of your offered products, goods and services.

Once you have composed a short but explanatory script for your video think about its time to ponder over the second most important question, which type of explainer video you should make. If you have no clue about how to use tools, software, and applications to create animated videos, contact a provider or agency of animation services , if it is affordable and feasible for you. If not, then there are numerous international services providers belonging to different regions and countries of the world.

What are the various types of explainer videos?

Coming back to the second most important question, deciding which type of explainer video you should make, can be a challenging task. There are so many good styles, but only one or two will be beneficial for you depending on the type of your trade or business organization and company. Whether you run or operate a small/medium sized business or a huge business organization and company, this question is going to trouble you if you don’t come up with a relevant answer. To determine which style of explainer video you should use determine these following factors before making any decision:

  • Your business objectives.
  • Your business prospects and targeted audience.
  • Your business perspectives.
  • Your business and marketing budget.

The sooner you determine these factors, the quicker and easier it will be for you to make a practical decision. Every type and style has its pros and cons. So whichever method you choose, prepare yourself to avail the advantageous perks of it and to face the considerable drawbacks, if your chosen style was purely based on your bad decision. Whether you hire a professional animated video service company or you make a contract or any other international animation service provider and agency. Here are few well-known and commonly-practiced explainer video making styles and methods:

  • 2D Character Animation:

It is one the most common technique to make explainer videos. In this method, the character, background, and scenes are developed in a two-dimensional space. It is one of the widely-preferred explainer video making approaches for B2C and B2B companies and business organizations.

  • 2.5D Animation:

This particular style of making explainer video offers numerous advantages like motion graphics and a 3D simulated environment. Through this method, you can obtain professional and interactive videos without having to spend too much money and time.

  • Whiteboard Animation Videos:

Another preferred explainer video style for B2C and B2B companies and business organizations. This method consists of simple yet interactive black and white graphics and illustrations.


With evolution in the business world, the business strategies have gone through a drastic change in them. Explainer videos have become an important part of every business marketing strategy. This change and innovation of marketing strategy have proven to be beneficial and cost-effective for several business organizations and companies.



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