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Graphic Design and Its Uses

Graphic Design and Its Uses 

Graphic design is a term usually associated to how a designer creates visual concepts through the help of a software and draws ideas that captivate an audience or sell a brand. Even though the term was invented by William Addison Dwiggins in 1922, however, graphic designing is thousands of years old. Dating back to 3200 BCE, beginning with Egyptian hieroglyphs. Also in the age of Tang Dynasty in China during 618-907 A.D, printed textiles and wood blocks were used to illustrate different graphics, and even Buddhist texts. However, in 19th century Europe idea of the first official publication separated fine art from graphic design and thus was the beginning of what we know as Graphic design. A great British Civil Servant, Sir Henry Cole was one of the driving forces in educating design, as he made the importance of design known to the masses in his Journal of Design and Manufactures.

Types of Graphic Design

But the graphic design as we know it today, went through many evolving phases throughout history to become what it is today. In 2019, Graphic Design is used for many different purposes, such as advertisement and print media. But how many types of graphic designs are there? Here’s break down of few of them:

  • Visual Identity Graphic Design
  • UI Graphic Design
  • Publication Graphic Design
  • Art and Illustration Graphic Design.

Visual Identity Graphic Design solidifies the relationship between a brand and its customers. These include color palettes, and typography that becomes synonymous with an organization or business. UI Graphic Design is the designing of color schemes, buttons, and icons of a user interface. Publication Design is designing of illustrations for newspapers, book scenes and magazine catalogs. Art and Illustration Graphic Design is synonymous with websites, graphic novels, motion graphics, Children’s book illustrations, infographics, book covers and concept art.


Applications of graphic designing is wide, but these days it’s commonly used for brands’ visual identity, editorial designs for books, magazines and newspapers. These concepts include magazines, brochures, flyers, and advertisements. There are many types of graphic designs such as photography, and typography and each of these have specific applications. Illustration is another art form that falls into fine arts category, rather than graphic design. Let’s break down each of them:

  1. Photography

As a visual medium, photography is quintessential to some graphic works such as album covers, movie posters, magazine covers and catalogs. Even some book covers these days.

  • Illustration

Unlike graphic design, illustration doesn’t require layouts using softwares on a computer. Illustration is usually achieved by drawing, and painting images them turning them into digital copies or work of graphic design. Which is usually required for book covers, and chapter illustrations. Unlike photographic graphic design, illustration is usually beneficial for abstract artwork that’s beyond photography. 

  • Typography

Typography’s main purpose is presenting services, brands and product names in a sublime fashion through print or digital advertisement. Typography typically is used for portraying letters in appealing fashion. From newspapers to magazines and graphic novels, all utilize Typography in one way or another.


Graphic designing is used throughout different aspects of business today. Without appealing presentation, products and services from different brands and organizations pale in comparison to their competition. These are some of the mediums that require graphic design:

  • Novels, books, magazines are some of the works in literature that require graphic design.
  • Brochures, flyers and postcards and the marketing materials of the like, including film posters.
  • Visual Identity such as business card, letterheads and brand logos.
  • Merchandize such as T-Shirt designs, wrist bands, gloves, hats and other wearables.
  • Technical fields such as annual reports and power-point presentation require graphic designing as well.

In conclusion, graphic design is pivotal to the success of almost all of the aspects of life today.

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