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Extreme Download: the site address has changed!

Extreme Download: the site address has changed! 

Extreme Download is one of the most popular download sites in France. The site offers films, series, video games, manga, music, e-books in VO and VF. Like Zone Download, this free streaming platform offers the download of warez in DDL, that is to say, direct download from links.

While downloading and streaming copyrighted material for free is illegal and lawful, many sites will continue to operate in 2019. Free download and streaming platforms like Extreme Down, Zone Downloads, LibertyLand, Papystreaming and even Torrent9 have been subject to successive closings for several years but have quickly resumed their activities under new addresses.

In the case of Extreme Down, many addresses with always, different extensions have followed one another without counting the many clone sites that have appeared to take advantage of the notoriety of the site without offering active links.

How does the Extreme Download site work? How to access it and what is the new Nouvelle Adresse? Answers …

Extreme download, what is it?

The Extreme download site is a site which allows you to download movies, series, music, video games, software and ebooks through links. This DDL direct download platform is distinguished by its clarity and simplified and ergonomic navigation.

Extreme Down as internet users call it on the extreme download forum sites, is one of the only sites that offer the video content in the 4K category that allows viewing content in UltraHD quality.

In addition to 4K quality, it is possible to download movies, shows, cartoons and manga in SD video quality, HD and HDLight.

How does Extreme Download work?

To search for the content that you want to download or watch in streaming, you just need to access the list of content classified by category or simply enter the title of the film, series or music title in the search bar.

Once the content is found on the site, you will just have to click on it. A playback window will then appear to see the content selected in streaming with the possibility of selecting direct download links with different options of video quality and resolution.

When we want to download media content from Extreme Down and click on one of the download links, the site redirects us to a link protection platform. In this case, it is the ed protect extreme download site. Once you find yourself on the intermediate site, you just need to validate the captcha that appears on the screen.

The direct download links offered on the ExtremeDownload site are all active and provide access to the selected media content in the quality advertised.

How to access the Extreme Down site and Extreme Download Nouvelle Adresse?

To access the DDL Extreme Down site, simply enter the site name in the search bar of your web browser and visit the site.

Only, given the constant change of the address of the site to escape the control of the authorities, it is inevitably difficult to find your way around and access the right address. Especially since the extreme download fermé or extreme download site closes regularly to reappear under new domain names. Besides, users of the site frequently report encountering an Extreme down problem on the net.

With the proliferation of clone sites and addresses including different extensions, Internet users who wish to download media content regularly turn to dedicated forums to find out the currently active address, learn about new updates and tips to use to navigate safely on the site.

By looking more closely on the net and on these forums, we learn that the new address of Extreme Down in 2019 and extreme download nouvelle adresse is


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