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Effective Interaction Between The Site Customer And Developers

Effective Interaction Between The Site Customer And Developers 

A developer studio doesn’t need so much to get started, to start working on a website: just five simple things. In practice, these very things turn out to be difficult for customers and, as a result, for developers.

So, you have chosen a contractor and agreed to cooperate. What’s next?

Let’s decide that the start is all the stages before starting work on the design. Important things: analytics, terms of reference, defining stages and setting tasks, prototyping – everything that determines a future project, a kind of preliminary plan of a house before its construction. Without the right plan, everything will turn out crooked and askew, which no one would like.

Formulation of the problem

Without a clear idea of ​​what you should get in the end, a good project will not work. Most likely you have already decided on the goals of the project and the basic requirements are ready. From the agency’s side, the project’s vision is clarified first by the sales manager and then by the project manager. After the call, you will receive a report with the recorded agreements by mail.

If you do not yet have a coherent vision of the entire project, as is often the case with large projects, then it is better to work with agile mobile game app development company methodologies. Dividing the project into stages, we first launch a working project with the most important functions, and then we refine and develop it. The important thing is that along the way, you can add new and remove unnecessary functions.


A common thing is when the studio is waiting for the approval of the prototype, and the decision maker is catastrophically busy, or the signing of the next annex to the contract is postponed and postponed. As a result, if the project approval is delayed due to the customer’s fault, the developer quite predictably transfers resources to other projects. Therefore, it is quite possible, then you will have to wait for free time.

What can you do to get your boss to respond to requests and persuasions from the agency in time? Complex issue. NLP, manipulation? We are inclined to believe that it will be necessary to escalate the situation in advance. Perhaps it is worth setting a certain schedule of approvals and allocating separate time for this.

Content preparation

The phrase “Content decides everything” is not heard, perhaps, only lazy. A good million articles have been written about its necessity. Indeed, everything in these materials is pure truth.

Until the studio that has undertaken the development of the site does not have all the necessary materials, it will not be able to start work on the project for quite objective reasons. Without content, the project may well go in the wrong place – or rather, become not what you imagine it to be. If there is no content, the design of the site architecture and the development of the design will become more complicated. To speed up the process, content must be prepared in advance.

Preparation of contract

It is necessary to write a separate large article about drafting contracts.

Advance payment

There is even nothing to say about the benefits of timely payment. Let’s leave this just as a reminder.

Prudent customer checklist

The task is formulated

The business goals of the project are defined

The main functions of the site are defined

Requirements for the project are collected in the client’s terms of reference

Content list compiled

Prioritized – what comes first

Available materials are collected and sent

Responsible for this or that content have been identified

Terms of delivery are set with a small time margin

The approval process has been established

Identified tasks that require approval only at your level

Decision makers identified for each stage

Responsible persons are alerted to the importance of a quick response

Financial and legal issues settled

Contract drawn up and signed

Prepayment sent


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