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Coronavirus And Distance Classes: How To Deal With It

Coronavirus And Distance Classes: How To Deal With It 

We’re not on vacation yet

In principle, we have before us 15 days of suspension from classes, but perhaps it will be more. In fact, it may until the rest of the course is done in this way and, as most of us are accustomed to face-to-face classes, this change may disrupt the study plan a bit, but there is no reason to be alarmed: we just need to change a bit the chip.

Normally, the fact that classes are suspended is synonymous with vacations, but in this case, and although the body is asking us to party and disconnect, the truth is that it is not a vacation time, but to continue studying and maintaining normality, because the coronavirus It shouldn’t be a reason to lose the course.

Studying at a distance has a trick

It takes a certain amount of will and discipline to get started, but once you get the hang of it, we’ll find that it has its advantages. There are a series of steps that are essential:

  1. Become familiar with the teaching platform: The first step is to understand well how the platform is used, where the files will be posted, how we should upload documents or how to participate in chats.
  2. That nothing is missing from the agenda: It is time to review our notes and see if we have all the recommended and mandatory readings. The first thing we should do is get in touch with our colleagues and teachers to check that we have all the material.
  3. Organization: Both in the agenda (in order of importance or difficulty, exam dates and controlled assignments) and in knowing how much time we should dedicate to each subject. There will be teachers who send work for these days and others who give classes online within a pre-established schedule. We must calculate how we are going to organize all this.
  4. Schedule: Since we are still in the course, and so that we do not change our routines, the schedule that we set to study should be the same as we usually have in classes; This will make it easier for us to detach ourselves from Netflix for a while. We must not trust ourselves; If we do not stick to the water, our socks will drop or we will suspend.
  5. A little extra effort: Instead of trusting ourselves and slowing down, studying at a distance requires that we do just the opposite, because, by not attending class, it will be more difficult for us to retain the syllabus that will later be examined. For this reason, we must try a little more and review what corresponds daily applying different study techniques so that later it is easy for us to prepare for the exams.

Difficult moments

The coronavirus or COVID-19 is not just another flu, but it is not a zombie apocalypse either (although supermarkets start to look like those in the movie World War Z). We are without class, we are young and we want to go out and celebrate anything, but we must be supportive and responsible.

Despite the fact that the surrounding culture constantly bombards us with individualistic messages, the truth is that, in these situations (and in many others), we depend on each other more than we imagine. At 20 years old, becoming infected with coronavirus is not serious. One may think, ‘Why stay home when I want to see my friends? Overall, this virus is not going to kill me. It will be like one more flu. And of course, he would actually be right, because serious cases usually occur in older people or in those who have previous pathologies, but would you want to infect your parents? Would you like your grandmother to get sick by not missing a few nights of partying? Yes, it sounds very dramatic

The discos, bars and concerts are not going away. They will still be there when this is over, but for it to be over soon, we all have to do our part.

And if your favorite club takes advantage of the fact that you do not have class to send you invitations to events, it should still be your favorite club because, as we said, in a situation like this, we all have to pitch in.

Responsibility yes, but no panic

Going to the supermarket to destroy all the toilet paper is not only completely meaningless, it is also very unsupportive with the rest of the human beings who also have a functioning digestive system. It is not about the end of the world, it is just one more virus, but one that is very contagious. We must trust that, if we buy wisely, the supply will be guaranteed.

On the other hand, hygiene is very important and we should wash our hands more often, but neither do we need to go everywhere with a mask nor do we have to waste tons of hand sanitizer when we have access to soap. Staying calm, acting with prevention in mind, being well informed and avoiding hoaxes and sensationalism are the best ways to deal with this health crisis.

What do I do if I feel unwell?

If we have any of the symptoms associated with the coronavirus, we must call the information numbers of our country and, in principle, stay at home. We may pass this like one more flu, because, in the face of viruses, we can only wait and pass it. The only helpful medications (if there are no complications) are those that are used to lower fever and reduce discomfort.

When should I go to the emergency room?

Only when we have respiratory distress or persistent fever over 38 degrees. It is important to understand that collapsing the emergency room is fatal to the system. The health personnel do what they can and are trying very hard in this case (in fact, many of those infected are precisely them), but there is not a doctor, a nurse and an assistant for each person and there is not enough equipment for everyone. That is why it is so important to prevent contagion and, if it has occurred, act wisely. Complications derived from the coronavirus occur in around 20% of those affected, so there is no reason to be alarmed at the first symptom.

And what do I do not to die of boredom?

These things are a bummer, but having a better or worse time is almost entirely up to us. How we deal with it psychologically. If we see it as a nuisance and we are looking for excuses to leave the house, it is most likely that we will take it fatally. If we see it as an opportunity to catch up with things that are behind us, ghostwriter for hire to start a project that we had pending or to enjoy the calm that we usually do not have for reading, we will surely take it much better.

It is important to keep a schedule and not abandon ourselves, because if we spend many days idle, we will end up getting fed up very soon. We can take the opportunity to do some sports at home in the mornings (there are videos on YouTube for everything), study for a while at the usual time and then we can read, make video chats with our friends, watch series and movies, finally learn to knit de Cruz or write that story that has been around our heads for a long time. Anyway, the case is to stay active so that, at least, we can take advantage of this forced pause.


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