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Content Marketing Trends for 2020

Content Marketing Trends for 2020 

Content marketing is considered to be one of the most authentic and useful strategies for the current generation. It has come a long way from where it started, from simply being textual passages describing brands and their services to utilizing graphics and visuals, effectively retaining customers and intriguing viewers. However, the tools that were being previously used by marketers have evolved and are sought to rule in the year 2020. Here’s a list of content marketing trends that need to be watched out for in 2020;

1.   Outcome focused content 

The competition has gotten tougher in recent times, instead of going through metrics that are massively detailed, readers can simply go through their desired piece of information. In order to implement this trend all you need to do is identify the factors that increase traffic on your blog and deliver them in segments based on your reader’s searches. This will help you attract your targeted audience and assist your viewers to find solutions to their queries. It manner to form an outcome focused content you will be required to determine filters that are going to help the reader out.

2.  Visual elements and live streaming 

Apart from text based constituents, visual elements are also considered to be an important part of contents made for brands. And that’s due to the expectations of modern consumers, since it keeps them engrossed into content for longer periods of time than any other methods would. It does not end there, live stream audiences are growing at a massive rate. Out of which, 80% of them prefer to experience video content than read blogs. Moreover, it has been found that 81% of the respondents eventually end up associating with brands that utilize visual elements and live streams within their content marketing strategies. And that emphasizes on its popularity growing in the year 2020.

3.  User and search intent content 

There are a total of 4 types of searches witnessed on web. One that is purely based on information, second is based on navigation and location, third refers to investigation and reviews and lastly, there’s a transaction based search that influences conversions. That has made an impact on search engines actively participating to intents due to the algorithms they have been programed with. This enables solutions to be easily accessible for viewers, providing opportunities to brands to form content that gains significant amounts of viewership by the help of search engine optimization. In manner to form an effective content marketing scheme, step into your viewer’s shoes in 2020 and form search intent contents as per their requirements.

4.  Tailored to work with new technology 

Smart devices are meant to rule the future which is exactly why it is sought to drive marketing in 2020 as well. Brands are aiming to focus on voice searches through smart devices by which content can be accessed. It has been estimated that around 50% of the web searches will be conducted by voice in the coming years. Smart devices are only confined to being able to respond to 60% of the queries accurately. While this stat remains in 2019, 2020 is going to bring an improvement for an advancements. You will be required to understand how customers conduct voice searches and by those nuances you will be able to form effective headers and focus on the right keywords in your content. Gain more insight through inquiries made by targeted audiences and what information they wish to seek. This will help you tailor the ultimate content marketing strategy in 2020 and apply search engine optimization that’s fit for your businesses growth.

5.  Creating personalized content 

Modern consumers have different set of necessities that includes engagement from the brand. And that is one more reason to build content that gives a personalized experience. Whether you plan to form a blog or create a Wikipedia page, consumers anticipate to receive more than what others are getting. They aim to obtain content that has been specially tailored for their interests and needs in regard to your business.


With dynamic content creation tools, you can automate curation and delivery of content that has been made to be highly relevant, and through this content marketing trends which are trending in 2020 can be more helpful for you.

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