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Best android adventure games of 2020 (List of Top 7 Games)

Best android adventure games of 2020 (List of Top 7 Games) 

Adventure games are considered to be one of the most unique genres when it comes to mobile games. They don’t necessarily fall under one category, oftentimes they come under more than one genre. However, there is no confined set of requirements for a game to be an adventure game; only that it must take the user into an adventure. Although, adventure games are not defined by mechanics such as RPGs or first-person shooters. Thus, it can have more than one form.

Due to the unique set of features these games have to offer, they are popular amongst the smartphone gaming community. Those belonging to the young generation tend to incline towards this genre to have an experience that is filled with fun and adventure. During searches, it can be tricky to choose the best android adventure game in 2020 which is why we have gathered the most fitted ones that lie on top of the list for you to pick from.

#7 Murder in the Alps – 4.4 Rating on Play store

Murder in the Alps is an investigation game that has been set in the 1930s. It is an interactive game that features a crime novel that takes place in a hotel located in the Alps. The action begins when a guest goes missing. Anna Myers, who is the main character in the game; sets on a journey to take the case in her hands. 

The game has an immersive storyline and its intriguing sound effects make the game even more intense.

#6 Another Eden – 4.2 Rating on Play store

Another Eden is a JRPG game that was formed in 2020. It has been written and compose by the same person who created Chrono Trigger. The unique feature of this game is that it plays differently than other mobile RPG games. It has no mission style storyline development and there is a scarcity of menus. Players can choose to go on adventures through several points within the game. However, certain non-story missions can be completed as side quests.

Another Eden has the same feels of games that once belonged in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It is in no doubt one of a kind that is free of cost and exceptional to play.

#5 Last day on earth – 4.4 Rating on Play store

Last day on earth is one of the best survival adventure games. Mobile gamer developers have set the story of this game in a post-apocalyptic era. The story opens itself with an unknown infection being spread around the world and destroying almost the entire human race. The infected personals turn into zombies whilst the survivors strive to live each day in their drying world. The user is allowed to utilize the main character who can be upgraded to survive in better physical conditions.

The best feature of this game that lures in android mobile gamers is that Last day on earth offers a free world that can be explored at will, the hero can be customized and has the ability to hunt in order to live. The game comes along with realistic graphics that appear surreal for a mobile game.

#4 Alto’s adventure – 4.6 Rating on Play store 

The game has received over 10 million downloads and is considered to be one of the best android adventure games ever to be made by mobile gamer developers. The game comes along with fluid and exciting functionalities that have been backed up by real-life physics and gameplay. Alto’s adventures have made it to the editor’s choice, making it rank high amongst many other adventure games on the app store.

The user gains the experience of serene alpine hills and ancient woodlands along with ruins that have been abandoned for ages. The main features of this game include dynamic lighting and weather effects that change based on the location of the main character. The game can be played easily, whether the user is new or young. You can sit back and enjoy this game with its organic music that tends to soothe the player as they go along Alto’s journeys.

#3 Iron Blade – 4.1 Rating on Play store

Iron blade is one of the most electrifying adventure games you can come across when it comes to android adventure mobile games. The game has been set in medieval Europe that is occupied with war, enchantments, and dissonance. The game has unreal weapons and gears that can be upgraded for hunting. The user experiences different locations that are astoundingly distressing throughout different stages within the game. Iron blade has been accessorized with astounding graphics which makes the plot captivating. 

It’s a journey through an epic odyssey that features a lineage war, enabling the user to form kingdoms and fight dragons through the weapon of their choice. 

#2 Dead Effect 2 – 4.3 Rating on Play store

Dead effect 2 is another fantastic adventure game that focuses on zombies and endurance. Even though it’s a mobile game, it has graphics similar to a console RPG game. The story revolves around darkness that has to be fought. This game is sought to have surpassed the expectations for a mobile game, rising to alternative heights. 

It has an alluring storyline that engrosses the user entirely into the game. Characters and weapons can be upgraded throughout the game and special missions that are accompanied by high-quality sound effects that make it a noteworthy experience. 

#1 The wolf among us – 4.6 Rating on Play store 

The wolf amongst us has been developed by a company called Telltale Games, which has won ‘game of the year’ prize for more than 90 times. The story of this game is based on an award-winning comic book series by William Willingham. It comes in five parts that are electrifying and engaging. However, all episodes are not free of cost; two of them are paid. 

The game features mythical characters based on folklore, legends, and fables; that have been depicted through extraordinary graphics under an inimitable storyline. 

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