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10 Tips To Work From Home

10 Tips To Work From Home 

Working from home

Is ideal for people like me who like being lazy. You don’t have to get up early in the morning. Spend 15 minutes wondering what to wear to work and then spend the next 30 minutes finishing all the household chores and finally rushing off to work in the scorching heat.

For those of you who are either self-employed, freelancing or telecommuting, here are a few tips that I found to be useful when I started working from home spydialer.

Don’t be lazing around too much or sleep in, hoping work will be done. You are at home. You are your boss even if just for the moment (you love that idea) and there’s no hurry. Schedule yourself for a few hours every day. 5-6 hours is ideal. Don’t break your schedule try to keep them fixed.

Never work in bed.

Sit on a chair and please get a proper work table and keep it tidy. All your work needs to be completed there. Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean that you allow yourself the luxury of being in bed all the time. It will make you feel lazier. You feel sleepy all the time and never actually finish work by the deadline.

It’s important to have a good meal before you start.

Have a good breakfast, brunch or whatever meal you prefer before you start working. Remember you are at home you have an ample amount of time to eat proper meals without hurrying so eat when you are supposed to and try avoiding munching all the time while at work. You will put on weight too.

Take a bath, wear proper clothes.

Don’t stay in your pajamas the whole day. Give yourself the feeling that you are going to work. Remind yourself about your paycheck all the time. You’ll be energized.

Switch off your cell phone.

It is very important. If you had to go out and work at an actual office you wouldn’t be allowed to attend personal calls all the time. Remind yourself and know that you have to finish your work on time. No excuses.

When using the internet.    

Don’t keep multiple tabs open. Just the ones that are essential for your task. Social network sites, chat rooms, personal emails save it for later. Learn to separate work and personal entertainment.

Before you start working

Always double-check and make sure all your household work and other work are done. Don’t go saying “Oh, I forgot that” once you’ve started working. If it’s something important note it down and stick it to the wall or the door to remind yourself later unless it’s something urgent.

Don’t listen to loud music.

There’s a separate time for that. If you are used to listening to music while working keep the volume minimum. Loud music will only distract you from work.

Work 5 days a week or 6.

Don’t overdo it. Don’t become a workaholic at home. Don’t make your entire house an office. Keep it homely 3ds emulator. Know when to stop. Give yourself a break. Keep a time exclusively for the family. Don’t mix work with family. Remember both are important.

Drink lots of water.

Keep a bottle nearby. When you are out of ideas. Take a quick stroll, don’t indulge in multi-tasking while at work. Always get back to work and complete it. Don’t save it for later.

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